​5 Foods That Should Never Be in Your Fridge

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Refrigeration is one of the modern conveniences many people cannot imagine living without. Is very common for people now to buy all food items and put in the fridge and forget about them going bad for at least a day or two. There are some Foods that Should Never Be put in Your Fridge.


Tomatoes need sun to grow and to enhance their flavour. Even when removed from the vine they still don’t like the cold. So, if you store them in a fridge, they become uncooperatively floury and lose their flavour.


The argument goes that potatoes enjoy cool temperatures but don’t like cold temperatures. Rule of thumb is that they do best at room temperature.

Regardless, the point is this. A fridge is too cold to store potatoes. It increases the conversion of starch to sugar more rapidly, which in turn can affect flavour, texture and discolouration when they cook.


Onions are one of the oldest foods known to humankind. They are one of the easiest vegetables to grow, they really do make you cry, and they go soft and mouldy when placed in a fridge. They also perish when stored too close to the humble potato. Tatties emit moisture and gas, which cause onions to spoil rapidly. That said once peeled you can keep your onion in a covered container in the fridge.


An avocado, like the tomato is a fruit. In fact it’s classified as a single-seeded berry. If you purchase an unripe, hard avocado you shouldn’t store it in your fridge. Avos need time to ripen and the cold will hamper the ripening process. However, ripe avos may be placed in the fridge if you are not intending to use them immediately.


Most fresh food experts would agree that they are best stored at room temperature but can tolerate up to three days in a fridge. Too long in a fridge and they develop water-soaked patches, pitting, and all around general decay ensues.



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