Africa Daily News Reviews 9th November; Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Liberia, Zimbabwe

Anglophone secessionists in Cameroon killed at least two gendarmes on Wednesday, two secessionist leaders and a security official said, signaling an escalation in their protracted dispute with the central government. The attacks in the English-speaking city of Bamenda marked the worst fighting in recent years between secessionist militants and government forces in the central African state after a year of mostly peaceful protest. (Reuters)

Southern Cameroonians ​Slaughtered Because They Spoke English. English-speaking Cameroonians in two western regions of the country close to English-speaking Nigeria took to the streets to proclaim the Republic of Ambazonia. Unlike Kurdish separatists in Iraq or Catalan separatists in Spain, they attracted little attention from the outside world, but they were met with extraordinary violence. (Daily Beast)

An Egyptian and a Libyan have been arrested and charged in Italy as investigators look into the deaths of 26 Nigerian females raped and murdered while attempting to cross the Mediterranean, The Guardian reports. The bodies of the women had been moved to the southern Italian port of Salerno by the Spanish ship Cantabria. Fifty-three people are believed to be missing. (Africa Links 24)

Nigeria must show leadership in ECOWAS single currency agenda. At the 4th Meeting of the Presidential Task Force on the ECOWAS Currency Programme held recently in Niamey, Niger Republic, President Muhammadu Buhari cautioned those pushing the programme to perish the thought of a fast-track. (Africa Links 24)

In Nigeria, Eleven people were on Tuesday night shot dead by gunmen along Rim, Riyom Local Government Area of northern Plateau State. (Daily Post)

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said on Tuesday that democracy was “under assault” in her nation as several political parties accuse the electoral commission of fraud, delaying the selection of her successor. (News 24)

Voters Speaking on Electing New Liberian President “As a widow, I have at least managed under the regime of President Sirleaf, but with the run-off pending, I am yet to decide which of the two contenders I should vote for …,” said Mrs Annie Dao Leenah, a resident of Sinkor. (All Africa)

In Zimbabwe, Axed vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa has been spirited to a safe place where “assassins can longer reach him”. Mnangagwa’s 40-year-long relationship with President Robert Mugabe came to an end this week when Mnangagwa was unceremoniously axed‚ along with 29 other party members aligned to him. (Sowetan)

Sacked Mnangagwa ‘holds the light to a new and prosperous Zimbabwe’. The Axed vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday released a statement saying that he had fled Zimbabwe after he was fired on Monday, and would return to the country to lead party members. (News 24)

In Kenya, The High Court has declined an application for Jubilee Party to be an interested party in a case challenging election laws. With a petition filed in Kenya’s Supreme Court against the October 26 rerun of the presidential election , the country risks an intensification of political turmoil .(The Star)



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