Africa’s current longest serving Leaders: Paul Biya Becomes 2nd after Mugabe’s Resignation 

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Several democratically elected Presidents have attempted to stay in office beyond their tenure, and a few have managed to remain in office beyond their mandate. The real problem is not the extended tenure, rather the lack of substantial achievements or progress of their country since they came into power.

The record for political longevity on the African continent is held by Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie, ousted in 1974 after a reign of 44 years. Libya’s Moammar Gaddafi, who ruled Libya with an iron grip for nearly 42 years, was slain on October 20, 2011 after a protest movement turned into an armed conflict. Gabon’s Omar Bongo Ondimba died in June 2009 after more than 41 years in power.

These are the top 10 longest serving Presidents in Africa still in office till date.

10. Paul Kagame (Rwanda)

Paul Kagame (Rwanda)

Paul Kagame is the current President of Rwanda having taken office in 2000 when his predecessor, Pasteur Bizimungu, resigned. Paul Kagame was elected by government ministers and the national assembly the president of Rwanda, a position he holds till today.

Kagame previously commanded the rebel force that ended the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. He was Born on October 23, 1957 (age 60), Ruanda-Urundi. 



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