Top 10 Poorest Countries in Africa 2017

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African countries are still regarded among the poorest countries in the world today. A large number of citizens in most countries in the continent still live in abject poverty with only a few people being able to afford to live above the poverty line. These countries’ economy is largely affected by political insecurity and wars which are prevalent.

Here are the top 10 poorest countries in Africa basing on International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Gross Domestic Product per Capita which is a measure of a country’s purchasing power in international markets:
10. Guinea: GDP Per Capita $ 558


Republic of Guinea has a total area of 245,860 Square kilometers and total population of 10.5 million. This country is prominently an Islamic country because it has more than 85 % of total population is Muslim.

Guinea is rich in deposit of Gold and Diamonds but despite of this very poor in income per capita which is $558, after their independence from France, country is facing large problems of Finance therefore due to poverty death rate also increase.

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