Top 10 Richest African Countries base on GDP Per Capital

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When we are looking at the richest countries in Africa we shall take into account several standard methods of defining the richest countries and these are GDP and GDP data per capital which is based on purchasing power parity. Here are the top 10 richest African countries.

10. Tunisia
GDP – $43.02 billion, GDP (PPP) Per Capita: $11,400, Population: 11,431,780

Top 10 Richest African Countries- Tunisia
Top 10 Richest African Countries-Tunisia

Tunisia has one of the best run economies in the continent. The rich oil and gas producing country runs on a diversified economy with some key exports being depended on such as phosphates, agri food products, chemicals, textiles among others. Apart from oil export tourism has played a major role is skyrocketing the economy of the country and do not forget Tunisia is an auto manufacturing parts hub. On the world economic forum global competitive report of 2015-2016 Tunisia has taken the 92nd place.

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