Zimbabwe president: I released Tendai Biti from custody

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Zimbabwe president Emmerson Mnangagwa has disclosed that he intervened to have a leading opposition figure Tendai Biti bailed. According to Mnangagwa, the move was to foster unity, peace and dialogue in the country.

Zimbabwe’s President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa says that opposition politician Tendai Biti has been released on bail following his “intervention”.

He added in his tweets that “due process will continue”:

It t means that Mr Biti will return to court at a later date to face charges of inciting violence after last week’s elections.

He had preempted the official announcement of the results by saying MDC Alliance candidate Nelson Chamisa had defeated Mr Mnangagwa in the poll.

Mr Biti fled to neighbouring Zambia on Wednesday, but was deported to Zimbabwe earlier today and taken to Harare Magistrates Court in the afternoon.

The United Nations and a number of western governments have commented on the issue stressing that due process is adhered to.

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