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Zimbabweans celebrate first night without Mugabe as Mnangagwa return home

The streets of Zimbabwe capital, Harare erupted in jubilation on Tuesday night as thousands of citizens celebrated the news of President Robert Mugabe’s resignation.

The announcement was made by Parliament’s speaker Jacob Mudenda, which was followed by loud cheers in Parliament. Zimbabweans held up flags as they cried and sang outside the streets.

Residents say they are happy now because there is hope for a better future. Many expressed that they did not care who became the next president as long as the man who ruled the country for almost four decades stepped down.

Zimbabwe’s former vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is expected to be sworn in as president following the resignation of Robert Mugabe, will return home on Wednesday, a ruling party ZANU-PF official said.

Mnangagwa, whose sacking this month prompted the military takeover that forced Mugabe out finally came back to Zimbabwe at 1130 GMT. Speaking publicly for the first time since Robert Mugabe’s resignation, saying the country is now “witnessing the beginning of a new and unfolding democracy”.

He is addressing a huge crowd outside ruling party headquarters, speaking hours after returning to the country. He fled earlier this month after his firing by Mr Mugabe, who resigned on Tuesday under pressure from the military and ruling party. 

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Mr Mnangagwa says the pressure to “derail the process” of getting Mr Mugabe to step down was intense but “the will of the people will always, always succeed.” 



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