Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe Granted Immunity From Prosecution

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Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe and his wife have been granted immunity from prosecution, the military said Thursday, allowing the couple to remain in the country.

Colonel Overson Mugwisi, a spokesman for the Zimbabwean Defence Forces, told CNN that an agreement had been reached with Mugabe that included immunity and a guarantee of safety for the former leader and his wife, Grace Mugabe.

Sources close to the resignation negotiations claimed Mugabe wants to die in his home country and has no plans to go into exile.Mugabe will receive a retirement package that includes a pension, housing, holiday and transport allowance, health insurance, limited air travel and security.

He has also long been accused of corruption as his government drove the once-prosperous nation into economic ruin and poverty. But Mugabe has maintained that he does not possess any wealth or properties outside Zimbabwe.



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