Sex and Relationship

​Is early sex bad for a relationships?


Sex in relationships can be a good thing, bringing two people closer together. But there are a lot of question as to if early sex is good or bad.

When two people meet, have a conversation and find out they are attracted to each other, they either have sex or they end up in a relationship . In some cases, they can have sex and end up in a relationship while others will get into a relationship just to have sex.

There hardly seems to be a separation of sex and relationships anymore. If you’re in a relationship with someone, the assumption is that you are having sex. But have we ever stopped to think about whether early sex in a relationship may be detrimental to the relationship itself?

In the 21st century, many people find themselves in relationships with people they don’t really know. That’s why statements like “I never though s/he would do that to me” are so common when they have an issue with their relationship. This in most cases is as a result of early sex without taking the necessary time to find out what makes them happy or sad, what makes them angry and how they deal with stress.

Most of us are (or have) been in relationships where we never asked these questions. We’re too caught having sex regularly with someone we are falling deeper and deeper for. That has become a norm in most societies.

Humans are creatures of habit, and once habits are formed they are very difficult to reverse. The concessions we give at the beginning of a relationship is very important. Feeling like you gave too much too soon, when things start to go sideways are always the regrets people get from early sex. Regret is one thing that’s never fun.



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