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​Men can now ‘switch off’ their sperms during sex using Bimek SLV


Bimek SLV generally called “sperm switch” is a device that allow men to block sperm from mixing with semen before ejaculation. With this sperm switch, a man can actually do what he has to do without fear or worry of adding another digit to the world’s population.

The company that manufactures this tiny gadget will easily have its way with the European market where liberalism is the norm. What of Africa where it may be seen as a taboo?

Dr Murage who is an obstetrician/gynaecologist for years doubts if men in Africa will take up the ‘contraception. He notes that the taking of contraception by men borders on the taboo in many African societies. And also that contraception for men is quite narrowed to a few options, compared to what is at the disposal of women.
“It would be hard to do the same in men because sperm production is continuous throughout a man’s life. It is not a cycle that can be interrupted at some point,” Dr Murage  explains.

Bimek which some doctors believes is effective will however need foolproof trials to be first conducted in the market. One thing is for sure though, while it can prevent pregnancy, it offers no defence against sexually transmitted infections.



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