African governance Ranking: Nigeria ranked 35th, Cameroon 37th as majority of countries (40) improve

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1/3 of countries driving overall improvement in African governance, however many fail to build on prior progress. Out of 54 African countries, Nigeria has emerged 35th, Cameroon 37th, Ghana 8th, Egypt 31, South Africa 6th to name a Few. First on the list is Mauritius, Follow by Seychelles and Botswana

While the majority of countries (40) improve in Overall Governance over the last ten years, over half of these show this progress either slackening, or have positive trends showing signs of reversing, with decline in the last five years

As a result, Africa’s average governance improvement has slowed down. This slowing progress is reflected in the governance categories of the IIAG. In the last 5 years, more countries decline than in the last 10 in all the IIAG’s governance categories apart from Safety & Rule of Law.

Over the last ten years, 40 African countries have improved in Overall Governance. In the last five years, 18 of these – a third of the continent’s countries and home to 58% of African citizens – including Cote d’Ivoire, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria and Senegal, have even managed to accelerate their progress. In 2016, the continent achieved its highest Overall Governance score to date (50.8 out of 100.0),” the report says.

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However, over the same period, Africa’s annual average rate of improvement in Overall Governance has slowed. Of the 40 countries improving in Overall Governance during the last decade, 22 of them, including Rwanda and Ethiopia have either done so at a slower pace in the last five years or show decline as witnessed in Mauritius, Cameroon and Angola.

Meanwhile, eight of the 12 countries registering decline in Overall Governance over the past decade are showing no signs of turning things around, with scores decreasing at an even faster rate over the second half of the decade. This group includes Botswana, Ghana, Libya and Mozambique.

The best performing category of the IIAG, Human Development, reaches its highest average score to date in 2016 (56.1 out of 100.0), with all three underlying governance dimensions – Welfare, Education and Health – improving over the last ten years. However, all register slowing progress over the second half of the decade.

Worryingly, in a continent where 41% of the population is under 15 years old, progress in Education has nearly ground to halt. Africans are particularly dissatisfied with how governments are addressing changing educational needs, as reflected by the accelerated pace of decline in the Education Provision indicator over the last five years.

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