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Cameroon government condem Kamto’s illegal declaration

The government of Cameroon has condemned in the strongest terms the self-proclamation of Prof Maurice Kamto, as the country’s next President, following the Sunday October 7, polls.

Barely twenty-four hours after the close of polls, the 64-year-old former minister addressed a press conference in Yaounde claiming he had won a decisive victory after hitting a “penalty kick.”

Though no evidence were presented to support his claim, Prof Maurcie Kamto went ahead to call on the incumbent president, Paul Biya, to pave way for a smooth transition.

Speaking in a marathon Press Briefing at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel, Monday October 8, 2018, the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, declared Prof Maurcie Kamto, an outlaw, and an agent of destabilization of the country’s peace and serenity.

“The Constitutional Council is the only authority to give results in the presidential election. Anyone who wants to destabilize Cameroon will meet the full force of the law.

“Any claim must be preceded by a compliance with the LAW. You cannot without presenting concrete arguments claim that you are the winner. Anyone who wants to destabilize Cameroon will not face the gendarmerie (paramilitary) or the police but the people.

“Let’s be vigilant, let us be the jealous guardians of our inheritance which is peace. Our nation is at peace and we must preserve it. Protect what exists, we will not accept to see our women bundle in the streets because of the selfishness of some people,” the minister added.



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