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Indonesia signs agreement to sell planes, locomotives to Africa

Aircraft manufacturer PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) signed on Monday purchase and sale agreements with Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire for the procurement of two planes each with total transaction value US$ 75 million, the Foreign Ministry has said.

PTDI expert on plane development Andi Alisjahbana said the signing was a follow up to agreements made during the Indonesia-Africa Forum (IAF) 2018 in Bali on April 10 to 11.

Andi said the CN 235-220 planes, which were purchased by both countries, could be used as passenger planes or for maritime patrol.

“Usually, we deliver the planes about 24 to 28 months after the contracts are signed,” said Andi as reported by

Meanwhile, state-owned train manufacturer PT Industri Kerata Api (Inka) also signed a purchase and sale agreement with Senegal on locomotive procurement, according to the ministry, but the value of the transaction was not revealed.

Under the second agreement with Senegal, Inka was also assigned to operate the Dakar-Bamako railway line, the ministry says. (bbn)



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