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Liberia leader orders officials to declare assets

President George Weah of Liberia has ordered his ministers to declare their assets to the mandatory state institution by next week, a release from the presidency, Executive Mansion, read.

The release titled ‘Declare Your Assets, Submit Procurement Plans Or Else,’ added that those that failed to comply by the orders will face punitive sanctions consistent with the law. Weah was addressing a special cabinet meeting on Thursday.

“During the campaign, we told the people of Liberia and assured the international community that our government would adopt a zero tolerance posture towards corruption and graft and would demonstrate utmost transparency and accountability,” Weah is quoted to have said.

“It is therefore important and critical that each of you serving in my government declare your assets to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission in one week.” The LACC says only 25% of officials have so far obliged by the law.

Mr Weah, who is an ex-footballer, said he had told the people of Liberia during his campaign that “our government would adopt a zero-tolerance posture towards corruption”.

The code of conduct for public officials mandates them to declare their assets before assuming office.

But Mr Weah was in violation of this himself, only declaring his assets to the anti-corruption commission under public pressure six months after taking over on 22 January.

Mr Weah did not make his declaration public – something officials are not obliged to do.

Only 25% of members of the executive branch of government have filled in their asset declaration, according to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission.

The commission says the vast majority of people in the judiciary have complied, but none of the 103 MPs have yet done so.



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