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Liberian President George Weah criticised for honouring Arsene Wenger

Liberian President George Weah has been criticised by opposition politician for honouring Arsene Wenger with the nation’s highest honour.

They accused George Weah for using the office of the president to recognise people who only played a role in his “personal life”.

“The nation’s highest honour cannot be given to somebody who has not done something directly for the country,” Mr Dillion said.

Other political opponents have questioned the decision with Emmanuel Gonquoi, of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia, calling it “a complete waste of time”.

Weah is Liberia’s best sportsman ever and the golden years of his career coincided with civil war in Liberia.

Mr Wilson, the sports minister, said he disagreed with the criticism.

“During the heat of the civil war the only good thing that came out of Liberia was George Weah and his soccer prowess,” he said.

“How can we not honour these guys who made him get where he got?”

Weah dedicated his award to Wenger when he was named world player of the year and has said the former Arsenal coach was the most important influence on his career.

He invited Wenger to his inauguration as president in January, although Wenger could not attend.



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