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Africa: Peacekeepers and Sexual Abuse – a Persistent Stain On the United Nations’ Image

The sexual abuse and exploitation of women – in war and peacetime – is one of the most widespread and overlooked phenomena. Exposure to gruesome acts
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Africa Daily News Reviews 15th November; Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Libya 

Cameroonian security forces have been raiding homes in the Anglophone south-west region, searching, they say, for terrorists. But what they are collecting appear to be
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United Nations’ human rights commissioner : EU treatment of migrants in Libya ‘inhuman’v

The United Nations’ human rights commissioner has condemned as “inhuman” the European Union’s policy of intercepting migrants in the Mediterranean and returning them to Libya.
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Africa Daily News Reviews 10th November; Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe

Cameroonian authorities have issued 15 international arrest warrants for leaders of an Anglophone separatist party, the Southern Cameroon National Council. It comes after at least

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